In collaboration with Exter B.V., The Netherlands

Passion led us here.

Stonefield was started by a group of individuals passionate about taste. We create flavours that
rouse emotions, awaken senses and enhance lives every day. Our shared purpose to create the
best-tasting flavours pushes us to constantly innovate. Our creations are backed by decades-
strong experience and deep knowledge of the world of taste, flavours and ingredients. Passion
led us here and it will keep us energised as we venture into a flavourful future.


Taste the future

True to our statement, we create flavours that are for today and for all the tomorrows.
We strive to render timelessness to your products.

Be the most
creative and

taste provider.

Stay committed
to our pledge

for environment,
health and

Maintain an
approach to
our business.

Make a practice
of bringing
technology to

food solutions.


How we help our clients

For us, success is in leveraging the immense experience of our flavour experts, in understanding the pulse of
our clients' needs and in maintaining our relationship with them based on trust and steadfast service.

From idea to product, we help add value by providing technical support to our clientele in successfully
mastering their applications with our unique range of flavours.


Our in-house flavour experts are always dedicated to enhance the flavour potential of your
product by thoroughly comprehending the process parameters to reach perfection.

A deeper understanding of molecular behaviour helps us produce flavours that can create
a range of world-class applications. Our immense knowledge of processed foods, alcoholic
and non-alcoholic beverages has enabled us to become fast and efficient in producing
desired results.


Our approach to customise flavours for our clients is
remarkably flexible. We design your flavour exactly the
way you envision and want.

Our passion to craft distinct flavours to suit your taste
and needs is unflinching.

EXTER B.V., The Netherlands

A meeting of minds for a union of ideas.

We are proud to partner with Exter - B.V., who have decades of expertise in
creating authentic, natural savoury tastes.

A leading name in the realm of flavours for decades, Exter is known for their
relentless dedication to innovation and quality, a trait that's common
between us. As partners, we look forward to explore newer realms of the
flavour world together.


We are everywhere

Stonefield is poised to meet the changing needs of consumers not just locally but internationally. Our flavours have already
been delighting people beyond borders and has helped Stonefield establish its presence across Asia and Africa, where we meet
the needs of clients belonging to various industry segments.