Flavours that make everyday dining
experiences taste better.


Milk is perhaps the most commonly consumed food product
across the world. We at Stonefield understand that when it
comes to dairy products, mouthfeel matters the most. But, no
two products are alike. A deeper understanding of flavour
profiles enables us to create several variations of something
as simple as vanilla ice cream.


What is dessert if not dulcet? There is no one type of
chocolate or coffee and neither is there a single flavour of
cake or toffee. With a dedicated eye on quality and
consistence, we have perfected complex, intense and bold
flavours that can transform cookies, chocolates, coffee and
cakes into decadent delicacies.


The zest of a lemon, the tartness of a ripe cranberry, the tangy
pulp of a summer orange, the lush of a mango... We've recreated
these unforgettable tastes so that you can experience freshness in
every bite. From fruit candies, juices and sorbets to exquisite
delicacies, we provide the flavours for a great tasting dish.

Savoury Top Notes

A scrumptious meal doesn't rely on taste alone. Even the
best-tasting dish needs an equally invigorating fragrance to
complete it. That's why Stonefield has perfected a line of
savoury top notes that complete your applications. Top notes
are noticed almost immediately and thus lend identity to the
flavour. Even a cup of soup or a packet of chips can be
transformed into a finely crafted olfactory and gustatory
experience with our savoury top notes.


Nothing makes food taste better than nostalgia. Some dishes have the
power of evoking memories that we can relive again through taste.
Such is the power of a good flavour. From buttery aromas to exotic
spices, Stonefield has created authentic and fragrant flavours that will
remind consumers of home-cooked comfort foods.