Broadening the horizon
for your senses


We keep the love for baked goodies alive with our variety of bakery flavours.


As the spine of all great food, we make sure that our seasoning flavours never fail to dazzle the senses.


We ensure to keep that block of cheese and that melt in the mouth ice cream, taste like dream.


Our avid curiosity enables us to innovate and discover beverage flavours that taste super smooth and slurplicious!


When it comes to confectionery, we are all about keeping our flavours truly

Unique flavours that make a wide range
of applications possible.

For every flavour we create, we envision as many eventual applications as possible for it. A deep-rooted
understanding of our clients' requirements helps us to create flavours in shorter development times.


From the refreshing first sip of coffee to the
luscious last spoon of ice cream, dairy products
are an integral part of our daily intake. With
DairyONE, Stonefield recreates the same great
taste, creaminess and richness of natural dairy.


With a growing number of consumers shifting from dairy to plant-based
products, Stonefield is ready to embrace this seismic shift and take on new
challenges with CreamR, our very own non-dairy creamer range, developed by
combining our deep expertise with world-class research and technologies.