In collaboration with Exter B.V., The Netherlands

Evolving tastes require
endless innovation

When requirements are diverse, flavours must also be diverse. We
innovate ceaselessly to create unique flavours that delight the
consumer in every bite.

Delve into our portfolio


When it comes to dairy products,
we know that mouthfeel matters the
most. Our range of dairy flavours
carries all the goodness of milk from
the rich and creamy texture to the
natural taste.


We understand that there is no one type of
chocolate or coffee or even ice cream. With a
dedicated eye on quality and consistence, we
have perfected complex, intense and bold
flavours that can transform cookies, chocolates,
coffee and cakes into decadent delicacies.


To remain true to the natural bliss of
fruits, we draw from the best
ingredients to cater to numerous food
and beverage applications

Savoury Top Notes

Even the best-tasting dish needs an
equally invigorating fragrance to
complete it. That's why Stonefield has
perfected a line of savoury top notes
that complete your applications.


From buttery aromas to exotic spices, we
develop flavours that will pamper taste
buds with sheer delight and a tinge of

A multiverse of
exceptional flavours

Natural Dairy Flavours

We leverage our extensive knowledge and
expertise with world-class technologies to create
a unique range of dairy flavours that meets your
needs and requirements.

Non-dairy Creamer

Through exhaustive research, our experts have
understood the intricate needs of consumers
moving from dairy products to alternative natural
beverages for essential self-nourishment.