Baked With Love


“Delivering delight in all your baked goods”

Redefining bakery excellence

At stonefield, our team of flavour experts has a deep understanding of the bakery industry. With years of experience and knowledge of ingredient interactions and baking processes, we excel in creating the finest bakery products that stand out for their flavourful experience. We stay updated on the latest baking trends and consumer preferences, allowing us to deliver flavours that resonate with your target audience.

Deliciously Baked Biscuits
& Crunchy Cookie Creations

Baked Biscuits & Crunchy Cookies, made with comforting flavours, baked to perfection. Give your customers the delicious, crunchy delicacies for their ideal snack routine. Made with an exhaustive flavour library and world-class equipment, ready to revamp your snack library.

Crunchy Munchy Crackers

Flavourful innovation meets classic crunch in our crackers. Each bite is a canvas for taste exploration, offering a harmonious blend of exciting textures and flavours. From savoury herbs and spices to a touch of sweetness, our tasty cracker creations redefine snacking excellence. Elevate your palate and satisfy your cravings with every crispy, flavour-packed bite. Discover the endless possibilities of taste in every bite.

Pillowy Soft Cushioned Cakes

A pillowy heavenly treat for the mid-day cravings. Spongy and cushiony cakes that keep getting better with every bite. Let us help to serve your consumers with delectable cakes by picking from our flavour library the finest tastes that will melt in their mouth.

Artisan Toast Treasures

A warm invite into the bakery land with the taste of a crisp, humble toast. Celebrate symphony and simplicity with perfectly balanced flavours to indulge your senses. Explore the creative craftsmanship to savour the simple pleasures of the toast.

Idea to Marketplace

Let’s pick the best flavour solution for your Bakery products

Our data-driven approach to flavour development and co-creation will ensure your products perfectly satisfy the specific needs of your consumers. Our in-depth market understanding of the ever-evolving bakery landscape, customised market research projects and consumer studies will help you to stay aligned with your consumers and ahead of the competition.

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