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Liquid Flavours is our ever-expanding portfolio of versatile and stable liquid flavours that elevate taste in baked goods, confectionery, savouries, and beverages and more. Our finest flavours provide authentic aroma, taste, and consistency, taking your creations to the next level. stonefield’s library of liquid flavours offers unparalleled taste and sensory experiences in food products. From classic vanilla to unique citrus blends, our expertly curated collection sets you apart with every flavourful sip and bite.”

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Curating exceptional tastes requires expertise in handling various application categories. With our liquid flavours, we make every mouthful an experience of its own. From the savoury symphony of spices in a hearty baked snack to the delicate dance of sweetness and bitterness in a flavoured coffee, liquid flavours shape the taste dimension of a product.

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Milk is perhaps the most commonly consumed food product across the world. We at stonefield understand that when it comes to dairy products, mouthfeel matters the most. But, no two products are alike. A deeper understanding of flavour profiles enables us to create several variations of something as simple as vanilla ice cream.


What is dessert if not dulcet? There is no one type of chocolate or coffee and neither is there a single flavour of cake or toffee. With a dedicated eye on quality and consistence, we have perfected complex, intense and bold flavours that can transform cookies, chocolates, coffee and cakes into decadent delicacies.


The zest of a lemon, the tartness of a ripe cranberry, the tangy pulp of a summer orange, the lush of a mango… We’ve recreated these unforgettable tastes so that you can experience freshness in every bite. From fruit candies, juices and sorbets to exquisite delicacies, we provide the flavours for a great tasting dish.


Nothing makes food taste better than nostalgia. Some dishes have the power of evoking memories that we can relive again through taste. Such is the power of a good flavour. From buttery aromas to exotic spices, stonefield has created authentic and fragrant flavours that will remind consumers of home-cooked comfort foods.

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Why Liquid Flavours?

Liquid flavours elevate the taste, providing a unique sensory experience.

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