Elevating Every Scoopful

A flavourful world locked within

Explore the magic of encapsulated flavours

Introducing CapONE’s exhaustive range of encapsulated flavours! Boosting the taste of nutraceutical powders, powdered soft drinks, bakery premixes and more, our specialized encapsulated flavours offer controlled flavour release and are highly customizable, making them a top choice in the food and beverage industry.

From baking to blending and cooking, our versatile flavours can add a chocolaty kick, fruity twist or a tangy punch, or simply enhance the flavour of your products. Trust us to deliver the best experience with expert dosing and a personalized touch. Make your products stand out on the shelves with our encapsulated flavours. 

Versatile powdered flavour fusions

Unlock endless possibilities in food and beverage applications with our finest encapsulated flavours. These ingenious capsules encapsulate pure taste, adding a delightful twist to your products. Imagine nutrition powders that burst with rich brown notes, coffee premixes with hidden pockets of decadent hazelnut flavour, or cake premixes infused with delectable notes of caramel and butterscotch. Elevate your dry mix powder range, and offer delectable taste experiences with our world-class encapsulated flavours. Taste, savour, and amaze with every bite and sip.

Why CapONE?

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