Scrumptious Tastes

Savoury Sensations: Impactful meaty top notes with vegetarian ingredients

From the gentle warmth of grilled lamb and earthy mushrooms, to the bold kick of chilli peppers and tandoori, with our range of savoury top notes made using vegetarian ingredients, we can help leave a lasting impression on your consumer palates. Smoky top notes from ingredients like smoked paprika, or grilled vegetables add complexity and depth to a wide range of savoury recipes, leaving a lingering, delectable finish. Umami-rich ingredients heightens the savoriness of dishes, creating a harmonious and satisfying taste experience.

Thus, with our range of savoury top notes, we can help in creating a symphony of flavours in your foods that awaken the taste buds and leave your consumers craving for more.

Indulge in the Irresistible: Savoury Top Notes that Delight the Senses

A scrumptious meal doesn’t rely on taste alone. Even the best-tasting dish needs an equally invigorating fragrance to complete it. That’s why stonefield has perfected a line of savoury top notes that complete your applications. Top notes are noticed almost immediately and thus lend identity to the flavour. Even a cup of soup or a packet of chips can be transformed into a finely crafted olfactory and gustatory experience with our savoury top notes.

Distinctive top notes that elevate every bite

From savoury seasonings to mouth-watering plant-based meats, frozen foods, and beyond, SavouryOne can elevate the taste profile of your products and leave your customers coming back for more.

Why SavouryONE?

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