The Sweet Artistry


“A taste of pure bliss in every bite”

From Inspiration to Creation, tastes that sweeten the days

At stonefield, we take confectionery to the next level by blending our application expertise with the art of flavour crafting. Our team of skilled application experts harness their deep understanding of ingredients, techniques, and innovation to create unforgettable candies, chocolates, and more. Every treat is a testament to our dedication to delivering impeccable taste and quality. Experience the magic of flavour and application expertise in every delightful bite, and let your taste buds savour the difference.

Luscious Hard Boiled Candies

Harnessing our application expertise, we craft hardboiled candies that are a symphony of flavours. Our confectionery experts combine their mastery of ingredients and techniques to create candies that burst with taste. Each piece is a small masterpiece, encapsulating years of experience and a passion for perfection.

Tasty Toffees & Fun Fudges

Spongy, gooey fudges to Tasty Toffee, a beloved treat for the Millennials and Gen-Z alike. Take your customers on a nostalgic trip to reminisce the comforting bliss of brown flavours and more…

Chewy Gummies & Joyous Jellies

A treat for the palate and a comfort to the soul. Mellow down your flavour library or Revamp your product application with new flavours.

Idea to Marketplace

Let’s pick the best flavour solution for your Confectionery products

Our data-driven approach to flavour development and co-creation will ensure your products perfectly satisfy the specific needs of your consumers. Our in-depth market understanding of the ever-evolving confectionery landscape, customised market research projects and consumer studies will help you to stay aligned with your consumers and ahead of competition.

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