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From Classic to Creative

Crafting Beverages that Win Hearts & Markets

An ever-evolving and dynamic industry like beverages will need the industry’s best brains and experienced hands to offer the right solutions. That’s why at stonefield, we got for you some of the most seasoned beverage applications professionals to partner with, on your product development. Experts who have worked over decades with leading beverage players of the world bring together their skill, passion and intuition into product development and formulation support. Our application experts work hand in hand with our market research team and flavour creators, ensuring our offerings align with the evolving preferences of your target market.

Exquisitely Crafted Alcoholic Drinks

Carefully crafted exquisite alcoholic beverages, made with timeless flavours and fine craftsmanship. Serve your customers exceptional taste and wonder in every sip. Make every sip a testament to your marvellous creations.

Delightfully Dreamy Dairy Beverages

Rich mouthfeel, creamy indulgence in every sip. Indeed, a dreamy dairy affair! A delightful beverage with a premium dairy feel, where every sip tastes like a dream come true. Make your consumers experience the richness and comfort of dairy in every note.

Naturally Refreshing Fruit Juices

Fresh like a fruit, energetic to its core, blissful in every note, naturally refreshing fruit juices are close to natural beverages with delight in every note. Let us help in creating exceptionally tasting beverages for your consumers that are in line with their evolving expectations.

Idea to Marketplace

Let’s pick the best flavour solution for your Beverages

Our data-driven approach to flavour development and co-creation will ensure your products perfectly satisfy the specific needs of your consumers. Our in-depth market understanding of the ever-evolving beverage landscape, customized market research projects and consumer studies will help you to stay aligned with your consumers and ahead of competition.

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