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Protein Products: Deliciously Elevated

Let’s make healthy taste yummy.

Wherever taste is a challenge, our connoisseurs step in. With our exclusive focus on taste, our wide range of customised taste solutions can help make delectable protein products. From customized masking flavours to mouthfeel enhancers and a whole range of high-performing encapsulated flavours, we have come up with tech-driven solutions to enhance the overall taste experience of nutrition products.

Discover the endless possibilities of creating exceptionally tasting nutrition products with stonefield flavours. Our commitment to flavour innovation and dedication to nutrition sets us apart. Let us help you revolutionise the way people perceive healthy eating by crafting nutrition products that are both nourishing and irresistible.

Discover our Latest Creations in Nutrition


Enhances Creaminess

Richer, fuller mouthfeel in protein products with dairy protein.

Improves Overall Taste Profile

Reduces chalky notes in whey, increasing taste balance.

Rich Vegan

Tastier Plant Protein

Masks undesirable tastes in plant protein, while enhancing overall desirability.

Enriched Mouthfeel

Builds creamy notes in non-dairy products through vegan flavours, improves sweetness.


Masks Strong, Bitter & Mettallic Notes

Intense flavours that masks strong off notes in a variety of protein bases, amino acids etc.

Improves Taste

While hiding specific bitter notes, improves overall taste.

Creamy Good Dairy-based Protein Shakes & more

We understand the challenges in formulating protein products that often have a bitter or medicinal taste largely coming from the base source.

Thus, along with offering customised masking flavours to reduce the undesirable notes of dairy-based protein like whey or casein, we offer customised taste solutions to improve the richness and mouthfeel as well. DairyONE, our signature range of dairy boosters can help lend an authentic, melt-in-mouth taste of premium dairy in all dairy-based protein products. From creamy good protein powders and shapes to delicious protein cookies, we have dairy-based taste solutions that will help in transforming your product from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tastier Plant-based Protein Powders & more

Formulating nutrition products with plant-based proteins like pea, soy, rice etc. keeping taste intact is quite a tricky affair. ‘Chalky’, ‘bitter’ and ‘bland’ are some of the standard feedback consumers complain about every plant-based protein powder. Our extensive research in this regard helped in creating a completely vegan taste solution that reduces the chalky, bitter tastes of plant protein while giving a rich mouthfeel to the products. We start with identifying the undesirable notes and later build the taste profile through the right alterations and solutions.

Customised Masking Flavours

While nutrition products have essential nutrients, certain ingredients or formulations can have distinct tastes or aromas that may not be desirable to some consumers. Our masking flavours are the perfect solution to neutralise or minimise unwanted tastes and odours, allowing the natural flavours of your products to shine through. With our masking flavours, you can create appealing and enjoyable products, ensuring your customers come back for more.

Chocolate & Beyond

The beloved chocolate! A treat for the kids and comfort for the adults. Our exquisite chocolate collection is one of the most beloved flavours in our Flavour Library. Our collection ranges from cookies & cream, coffee, brownie, butterscotch, black forest, hazelnut, tiramisu and many more! Our versatile vanilla collection is an exhaustive palette of vanilla flavours. The crowd-favourite Vanilla flavour has a standard reputation in the Nutrition Industry. A subtle, sweet taste of Vanilla in every blend teleports you to the Vanilla land.

Refreshing Fruit & Ethnic Twist is our all-new proudest collection of flavours in the Nutrition segment. Our fruit flavours are a compilation of tropical and local fruit flavour variants. Our Indian ethnic flavours are an exciting new segment in the flavour. As true to its roots, the Indian ethnic flavour library is the perfect amalgamation of ‘tradition and nostalgia’ all in one pour.

There’s more!

Our new fresh pick of flavours includes lavender, cola, red velvet, plum cake and banoffee. Drink it, Pour it, Bite it, Sip it, Lick it! 

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Our data-driven approach to flavour development and co-creation will ensure your products perfectly satisfy the specific needs of your consumers. Our in-depth market understanding of the ever-evolving beverage landscape, customized market research projects and consumer studies will help you to stay aligned with your consumers and ahead of competition.

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