Dreamy Creamy Dairy

Dairy at its tastiest best

Wherever dairy comes as an ingredient, let us improve the richness and mouthfeel

From cookies to frozen desserts, milkshakes to dips and sauces, we know quality dairy flavours make the real differentiation in your products. That’s why we created DairyONE. These dairy boosters made from natural dairy substrates will help in lending notes of premium dairy into your products. With DairyONE, experience dairy at its tastiest, creamiest best.

Up to 30X more impactful dairy notes

Concentrated dairy boosters

ButterONE, MilkONE, CreamONE, CheeseONE, YogurtONE.

Celebrating the authentic, melt-in-mouth tastes of premium dairy, DairyONE is our signature range of concentrated dairy boosters. Designed to achieve the exact taste and lingering mouthfeel of fine dairy in products that have dairy as an ingredient, DairyONE can deliver up to 30 times the flavour strength of real dairy.

By seamlessly replacing various dairy ingredients like milk, butter, cream, cheese etc with concentrated ingredients derived from the respective substrates, DairyONE can help in significantly saving on recipe costs while also recreating authentic attributes of dairy.

Dairy Delights

Elevate Your Applications with Dairy-Full Indulgence

Experience Dairy Indulgence in every note. Every sip, dip, lick, dunk and crunchy bite has the indulgence of dairy delight. Heat-resistant, versatile, indulgent, and highly adaptable are some of the many traits of DairyONE.

With our centuries-strong expertise in crafting finest dairy flavours, we created DairyONE for manufacturers who aren’t willing to compromise on taste!

From biscuits to creams, milkshakes, dips and sauces, let your consumers relish the delightful taste of exquisite dairy in every bite & every sip. Our laser-sharp focus on taste helps in ensuring our flavours work exceptionally well across a diverse portfolio of applications. Trusted by the best in the industry, DairyONE can help you to win in the marketplace with products that stand out for their truly, ‘wow-some’ dairy tastes.

Why DairyONE?

Enhance the richness and mouthfeel of any product where dairy comes as an ingredient

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