Frosty Fantasy

Ice Creams

“Glacial Gastronomy”

Where quality meets indulgence, taste the artistry

A beloved food delicacy like ice cream holds the utmost importance in delivering flavour, texture and sensory experience with the right amount of balance and perfection. At stonefield, we believe in delivering a full-mouth gustatory experience in every note. Our experts understand the importance of delivering complete indulgence. We hone the craft and calibre with a state-of-the-art facility that is here to execute your ice cream needs to your industry standards.

Mesmerising Ice Creams

Present to your consumers ice creams that are crafted to give a rich mouthfeel for an indulgent experience. From classic vanilla to exotic fruit medleys, we craft each scoop to be a delicious adventure for your consumers’ taste buds.

Creamier Frozen Desserts

Experience the creaminess of real dairy ice creams in frozen desserts! Our secret? Concentrated dairy boosters that elevate frozen desserts to new heights. These magical ingredients capture the essence of dairy, infusing your treats with rich, indulgent flavour that’s simply irresistible. Savour the taste of luxury, guilt-free. Dive into a world of lusciousness with every spoonful.

Adventurous Popsicles & Slurpee Slushies

Flavour-infused popsicles and slurp-icious slushies to quench your flavour thirst. Give your customers mouth-watering adventurous experiences where every lick and sip exuberates flavour in every note.

Idea to Marketplace

Let’s pick the best flavour solution for your ice creams

Our data-driven approach to flavour development and co-creation will ensure your products perfectly satisfy the specific needs of your consumers. Our in-depth market understanding of the ever-evolving ice cream landscape, customized market research projects and consumer studies will help you to stay aligned with your consumers and ahead of competition.

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