International Meal Inspired Flavours Entering Indian Snacking

International Meal Inspired Flavours Entering Indian Snacking

Marketing Team May 24, 2024 0 Comments

In times where borders are beginning to blur and there is even more intermingling of cultures, culinary exploration is being encouraged. The Indian snack scene, once saturated with traditional flavours, is beginning to expand to accommodate new international flavours. From the tangy zest of Mexican flavours to the umami rich flavours of the Japanese, international meal inspired flavours have been making waves in the world of Indian snacking!

India’s culinary landscape has always been characterized by diversity and the incorporation of international flavours into the snacking culture seems to be a natural progression. To address the taste aspect of snacking beyond local flavours, global flavours are also being introduced.

Mexican Flavours Taking the Lead 

Since there has been a rise in the demand for spicier flavours, Mexican flavours have become very popular. More and more Mexican style nachos, chips and peanuts that are flavoured with spice, citrus and salt have been introduced into the market, from spicy jalapeno potato chips to chili lime popcorn, Mexican snacks offer that fiery kick that appeals to Indian consumers. Nachos have become commonplace snacks alongside domestic chips, showing how consumer preferences have shifted towards this international flavour. Mexican flavoured salsas and hot sauces have also started to gain popularity with customers.

Rise of Asian Flavors 

Asian flavours have also been on the rise, with Japanese, Korean and Thai flavours being the most prominent. Unique flavours like Wasabi rice crackers, peas and peanuts have gained significant popularity in the Indian snacking market. Matcha flavoured drinks and snacks have also seen an increase in demand, such as KitKat’s matcha green tea flavor. Snacks with umami rich ingredients such as seaweed, soy sauce etc. have attracted a lot of attention from Indian customers. 

Thai flavours tend to be somewhat similar to Indian flavours, this helps in attracting Indian customers towards Thai flavoured snacks. Thai flavors like sweet chili and seaweed are very popular and are used in most snacks, from peanuts to chips.

Korean Flavours Making a Splash

Korean flavours have become a recent trend in the Indian snacking market. The overtone of chillies that permeates everything in Korea—from noodles to sauces to pastes—not only gives the food character but also immensely appeals to Indian palates. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in India, the import of Korean noodles in India witnessed a surge in demand of 162% in 2020 alone. Instant noodles with Korean flavours such as Gochujang, BBQ, etc, are now available on all e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, BigBasket etc. Nestle India has expanded its Maggi brand with the launch of Maggi Korean noodles in two flavours – BBQ chicken and BBQ veg, as have most instant noodle companies.

Future of Snacking

Growth is predicted in snacks having fish, masala, south Asian and American flavours, especially ones that have savory combinations that break traditional norms and flavours of the sea, like shrimp flavoured chips and crackers. In addition international flavours from Latin America and Asia including churro, chili lime, wasabi, and sriracha, are gaining the most share in global new snack launches.

This global fusion has enriched the average Indian consumer’s snacking experience. As consumers continue to embrace this diversity and seek out new taste sensations, the market for international flavours in snacks continues to grow.

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