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Marketing Team November 29, 2023 0 Comments

“Tea is the elixir of life.” – Lao Tzu Tea, often referred to as the “national drink of India,” has been an integral part of the country’s culture for centuries. While traditional chai remains a beloved staple, there has been a significant shift in the Indian tea market with the emergence of flavoured teas. The […]

Marketing Team November 8, 2023 0 Comments

stonefield flavours, one of the fastest growing flavour manufacturing MNCs, is thrilled to introduce a mesmerizing collection of Magical Fairy Tales- inspired Ice Cream Concepts. The new collection features enchanting flavours and whimsical inclusions that are created keeping in mind brands which are looking at launching frozen treats for children and those that are young […]

Marketing Team August 24, 2023 0 Comments

Problem In the world of frozen desserts, a leading manufacturer faced a challenge that required innovation and expertise to overcome. The manufacturer’s product, primarily composed of vegetable oils and fats, was lacking the desired creamy texture and mouthfeel. This shortcoming was causing a decline in its desirability among consumers, leading the manufacturer to seek a […]

Marketing Team July 26, 2023 0 Comments

Here, we bring together the good old flavours from various food segments that are seeing a bold comeback. It’s a no-brainer that people resort to comfort foods in times of stress. With stress and anxiety levels increasing during the pandemic, foods have been providing the much-needed respite for consumers across the globe. The rising awareness […]

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