Creating Richer, Delectable Frozen Desserts that mimic the Taste of Real Dairy Ice Creams: A Case Study

Creating Richer, Delectable Frozen Desserts that mimic the Taste of Real Dairy Ice Creams: A Case Study

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In the world of frozen desserts, a leading manufacturer faced a challenge that required innovation and expertise to overcome. The manufacturer’s product, primarily composed of vegetable oils and fats, was lacking the desired creamy texture and mouthfeel. This shortcoming was causing a decline in its desirability among consumers, leading the manufacturer to seek a solution that would revitalise their product’s appeal in the market.


Recognizing the potential for transformation, an opportunity emerged to elevate frozen desserts to a level comparable to the delectable indulgence of ice creams made with higher content of milk fats. This aspiration set the stage for a creative endeavour that would not only meet the manufacturer’s needs but also exceed customer expectations.


The solution lay in harnessing the power of specialised ingredients known as concentrated dairy boosters, DairyONE. These unique dairy boosters possessed the potential to revolutionise the product’s composition and elevate its taste and texture profile to new heights. With these concentrated dairy boosters in hand, a journey of culinary innovation began.


The central challenge revolved around infusing the frozen dessert with the rich and creamy attributes that define the experience of savouring ice cream. The technical team embarked on a meticulous process of reformulation, utilising DairyONE to enhance the dairy profile exponentially, up to an impressive 20 times. This deliberate integration of specialised ingredients held the key to addressing the lacklustre texture and mouthfeel that had hindered the product’s success.


What happened next was really impressive. The new dessert was even better than the customer imagined. The reformulated frozen dessert surpassed all expectations, ushering in a new level of consumer satisfaction.

The creamy texture that had eluded the manufacturer’s previous iterations now captured the essence of traditional ice cream, elevating the sensory experience in every bite. The mouthfeel, once flat and uninspiring, was transformed into a lingering sensation that enhanced the overall enjoyment of the dessert.

The reformulation had a ripple effect on the product’s overall taste profile. The infusion of DairyONE introduced a richness and depth of flavour that resonated with consumers’ palates, creating a harmonious symphony of taste sensations. The result was a frozen dessert that not only matched the qualities of milk fat-based ice cream but also offered a premium and elevated flavour experience.
“At a time when dairy commodity prices are touching the roof, stonefield stepped in with the right solution to create a richer product in a cost-effective way.”
– A leading frozen dessert manufacturer in India

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