Rising Flavour Demands in Ready to Cook & Frozen Foods in India

Rising Flavour Demands in Ready to Cook & Frozen Foods in India

Marketing Team August 14, 2023 0 Comments

India is becoming a promising market for packaged and frozen foods. With COVID-19 throwing open a world of possibilities for ready to cook (RTC) foods, frozen food segment marked upward spiral even when many other sectors faced slump. Changing mindset about the ‘healthiness’ of frozen foods, urbanization, convenience and millennial dominance have led to a spurt in the growth of this market. During the period of 2020-2024 alone, frozen food sector is poised to grow annually by 17%. The cold chain logistics is developing better, processes and technology of the packaged food trade are becoming more efficient, all signaling better days to come. But, are our brands equipped to offer the best of flavours and recipes to up their game?

New Interest in RTC & frozen foods for Indian Consumers

Traditionally, Indian consumers prefer fresh over frozen or packaged. However, the urban crowd have started realizing freezing food is an effective way to retain its nutritional value. Awareness on packaging technology, clean labels, usage of minimal/no preservatives etc. make consumers feel more comfortable in opting for RTC foods. Round the year availability of these foods are further driving the adoption. Frozen meals and RTC foods are quick, easy and healthy alternative to restaurant foods. Millennial parents with young children, younger cohorts staying away from family, working couples etc. prioritize convenience, making them switch to curries/fully prepared meals, instant pastas, noodles and soups, ready to fry snacks and frozen desserts.

Demand for Exciting Flavours

Consumers are exhibiting an impulsive and adventurous approach to shopping for foods. Exotic cuisines and ethnically-inspired recipes are seeing more takers. Demand for taste-enhanced foods that are prepared with authentic spices and sauces is growing in popularity, since it is not easy to get a home substitute for these foods. This is particularly seen in non-veg snacks. Consumers are looking for a combination of classic and bold flavours in nuggets, breaded fingers, meatballs, samosas, kebabs, cold cuts, patties and cutlets in vegetarian, seafood, chicken and meat variants. Mainstream brands which have come to this realization have already started bringing diverse and inspired flavours (hot/spicy and Asian) to the tables. Some flavours to watch out for in this segment in 2022 include hot peppers, barbecue, Mac n Cheese, curry, tandoori chicken etc.

Stonefield Savoury Top Notes

Stonefield Flavours offer a lip-smacking line of savoury top notes. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian profiles, these are perfect flavour additives to make both ready to cook and frozen foods stand out in the market. From soups to noodles, ready-to-fry snacks and pre-cooked meals, these savoury top notes can be used to add a fine flavour, pleasant mouthfeel and an invigorating aroma to your applications. DairyONE, our signature enzyme-modified dairy formulation, is an excellent ingredient to make rich, creamy sauces like Mac n Cheese, salad dressing, Alfredo, cream-based soups & dals/curry’s etc for . As consumers increasingly take comfort in keeping pantries stocked with ready to cook and frozen foods, we upgrade our offerings to provide fine-tuned solutions including sugar reduction and wellness additions as well. Connect with our team on +91 9535885354 to discuss more opportunities in this space.

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