Guiltfree Hydration- Healthier, functional and cleaner beverages will trend in 2022

Guiltfree Hydration- Healthier, functional and cleaner beverages will trend in 2022

Marketing Team March 26, 2023 0 Comments

As the audience of active consumers are continuing to expand, demand for beverages with added benefits is fast-evolving. While 44% of consumers cite hydration as the reason to pick up a drink product, 38% opted in for energy boosting and 29% for calming and relaxing benefits (Mintel). Without compromising on the flavour, fizz and authenticity, consumers want to enjoy their favourite flavours in healthy applications.

Ever since the pandemic began, beverage industry has seen encouraging waves of innovation and indulgence. Consumers who want to bring in some level of excitement in their everyday life turned to try new products in the form of ready-to-drink beverages in all sorts of exotic and bold flavours. However, the growing awareness of indulgent eating taking a toll on their health has led to quest for products which will help in enriching overall wellbeing.

The following are some beverage trends to look for in 2022,

  • Nature-inspired flavours that are focused on targeted nutrition will see more interest. Botanicals, herbs and fruits which aid in immunity, digestion and mental health can be integrated into beverages to lend a healthy punch.
  • Teas, juice, smoothies and fermented dairy drinks can be utilized for incorporating more functional formulation since the penetration rate is high in these drinks. Studies indicate people prefer getting added benefits from traditional beverages than switching to something that is completely new or innovative.
  • Adaptogenic beverages will rise in popularity since more people are emotionally stressed out due to the lockdowns, social distancing etc. Relaxing ingredients like chamomile and lavender can be great additions in teas and sparkling drinks.
  • With people struggling to manage work from home along with managing family life (especially those with kids), concepts like meal-in-a-glass will be welcoming. Powder mixes derived from nutritional ingredients can be a quick yet wholesome breakfast fix.
  • With health on top of mind, alcohol consumption is on the decline. As mindful drinking is on the rise, people are drinking less in quantity but better in quality. Low alcohol ready-to-drink beverages, CBD infused relaxation drinks, alcohol-free beers etc. will see interest.
  • Incorporating natural sugar alternatives that are low carb, low calorie and with low GI will help in being competitive.
  • Organic, unprocessed drinks that are good for the people and the planet will have more takers. Sustainability, traceability and transparency in ingredient sourcing will be important.
How can Stonefield Flavours help?

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