Alcoholic Drinks 2022: Flavours and Trends to Look Forward to

Alcoholic Drinks 2022: Flavours and Trends to Look Forward to

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There’s never been a more exciting time for flavourists in alcohol drinks industry than now. Ever since the pandemic began, as consumers started embracing mindful drinking, there’s been growing demand for non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic variants in a variety of flavours. Alcoholic beverages that offer ‘lighter,’ innovative taste experiences and leaves a positive, adventurous and delightful impact on the mind are seeing more takers. Flavourists feel there’s absolutely no limits of creativity when it comes to creating exciting flavours and combinations to quench consumer’s thirst for satiety and adventure.

Refreshing Feel

Non-alcoholic spirits category is expected to grow 35% by 2023 according to Nielsen and ISWR reports. Which means more than the hard drinks, beer and cider brands are likely to have a brighter future in the global market. Alcoholic beverages which offer more refreshment and contains less calories and alcohol content will have more takers.

Delightful Flavours

Innovative flavours backed by organic ingredients and lighter recipes will stand out in the alcoholic drinks market. Flavours must attempt to offer a ‘holiday mood,’ a sense of ‘playfulness’ and real taste explosions. Fun fruity, tropical, citrusy and smoky flavours along with unique twists on classics will make the mark. Black cherry, Kombucha, Lemon, Apple, Berries, Blood Orange- Chilli, Spicy Pineapple and Cranberry Elderflower are some popular flavours to look out in alcoholic drinks in 2022. Consumers want flavours for a grown-up palate within non-alcoholic beverages so that they can get the same feel of drinking a hard drink without actually consuming alcohol.

Innovative Breweries

Mixing alcoholic beverages with tea is becoming a welcoming trend. From spiced chai to match a tea or lemon and green tea, many exciting combinations can be tried in beers. Low-carb or protein beer can also make way for innovative breweries. Fruit wine- based cocktails-to-go can offer varied taste experiences.

Health Claims

Labels like low-calorie, sugar-free, plant-based, diet and no-carb will be sought by consumers in alcoholic drinks too. Beverages that are personalized to suit one’s nutritional/ emotional wellness requirements will be an attractive proposition. Fruit and vegetable juices and unique botanicals as ingredients don’t just enhance the flavour quotient but also offer nutritional benefits as additional bonus.

Less Hungover

Today a greater number of people want to enjoy a composed drink for relaxation without the ‘hungover’ effect. Adding adaptogenic ingredients like tulsi, lavender, ashwagandha etc. can bring in a meaningful purpose to beverage consumption. 28% consumers are willing to pay more for spirits with unique ingredients.

Promising Categories

Hard Ice Tea has been seeing a steady growth in popularity. With classics like lemon and peach front lining the flavour game, consumption of hard ice teas is expected to double by 2024 from 26% in 2020. Natural wines, made the traditional way with organic ingredients and little additives interfering in the process of natural fermentation, will see a comeback.

New Opportunities

Cocktail kits can be a great opportunity to offer bar-like experience in the comforts of home. Bubbly cocktails, ready-to-drink flavoured beverages etc can provide endless mixing options and are also suitable to consume any time of the day. Flavoured Malt Beverages or alcopops will make a bold entry to the alcoholic drinks’ scene.

Artisanal flavours, unique taste experiences and ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ attitude shapes the alcoholic drink trends in 2022. It’s not that with the rising health consciousness, people are opting out of drinking alcohol. Instead, they are drinking less yet want to have more quality and value from the whole ‘experience’.

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