Creating foods that delight the senses

Creating foods that delight the senses

Marketing Team March 26, 2023 0 Comments

What makes a consumer go back to pick the same product, again and again? Time to agree, it’s not just the tastes and familiarity but the whole experience associated with seeing, smelling, purchasing, preparing and finally devouring the product. What more, even the taste left in the mouth after consuming the food is an important factor adding to the product’s competitive advantage. As a brand if you are not considering these elements while creating your product, you are clearly missing out on consumer’s sensory perception which influences the acceptability of food products.

Foods that appeal to different senses arouse positive emotions. 7 in 10 consumers around the world agree that their food and beverage choices impact their mood. They prefer foods with enhanced aroma, memorable tastes and flavours along with other multi-sensory aspects. More than 78% of consumers in the age group of 26-45 years “love a combination of textures” in their foods. Millennials are the most dominant consumer group who look for ‘visually stimulated’ and multi-sensory food experiences and this trend is sure to grow.

From beverages to confectionary and bakery, there’s ample scope for a sensory upgrade in different product categories. How about the aromatic whiff of brewed coffee in every bite of a biscuit, lingering chocolatey goodness after sipping a milkshake or authentic tastes of Desi ghee that stays in the mouth while relishing a motichor laddoo? Growing demand for authentic and superior tasting experiences signal demand for foods that offer enhanced aroma and lasting mouthfeel along with other intangibles that make food an unforgettable experience.

How Stonefield Flavours can help?

TasteONE, the latest multi-sensory innovation from Stonefield Flavours helps in crafting exceptionally tasting foods with a lingering mouthfeel. Layering foods with richness and impactful sensorial essences, TasteONE is designed to deliver enhanced culinary experiences across portfolio. TasteONE flavour blends make foods absolutely crave-worthy and are perfect for confectionary, beverage, bakery, ethnic treats and savouries. Replacing perishable and high-margin ingredients with our customized formulation, we ensure the sensory profiles remain intact. We help in transforming foods to delectable delicacies using a range of palate-pleasing alternatives. Be it an ethnic Indian sweet you are looking to create with a lasting mouthfeel or an aromatic coffee, talk to us at +91 9535885354 and we will curate customized solution for you.

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