Stonefield Flavours launches Savoury Top Notes Portfolio: SavouryONE

Stonefield Flavours launches Savoury Top Notes Portfolio: SavouryONE

Marketing Team March 26, 2023 0 Comments

Stonefield Flavours, the futuristic taste solutions company, launched an extensive range of savoury top notes with the latest portfolio, SavouryONE, to enable food manufacturers to serve authentic and exciting non-veg flavours in both meat and plant-based meat products. All non-vegetarian flavours in the portfolio are prepared in vegetarian profiles. Some of the major products in this line are savoury top notes, boosters and masking flavours.

As demand for protein-rich foods have surged, consumers are looking for more recognizable, home-style yet exciting non-vegetarian flavours in frozen foods, soups, ready-to-cook non-vegetarian delights and value-added meat products like salamis and sausages.

Recognizing this growing trend, Stonefield Flavours designed SavouryONE portfolio in collaboration with its partner, Exter B.V, the global experts in creating authentic, natural and savoury tastes. Meat, fish, chicken, egg and more, the portfolio is full of intense flavours which can be tailored to suit a variety of taste profiles.

SavouryONE top notes are prepared naturally according to authentic cooking processes like reducing slowly and roasting in the oven. The team’s deep knowledge in best-class preparation methods, procuring and handling raw materials, drying techniques and a wholly special, personal approach make Stonefield distinctly positioned to serve the ‘most loved’ tastes by consumers.

As plant-based meat is becoming a promising segment, Stonefield is fully ready to serve the space with customizable options like halal or vegetarian, clean label, natural and vegan without compromising on taste, texture and quality. All tastes are also GMO-free.

Some of the flavours from SavouryONE portfolio are juicy white meat, tandoori chicken, BBQ chicken, grilled lamb, slow-cooked mutton, tomyum seafood, umami etc.

Ms. Neena Tom, Technical Director, Stonefield Flavours said, “Our SavouryONE portfolio is designed to deliver delightful and exceptional tasting experiences across a wide range of products. Having gone through intense research, several rounds of sensory evaluation and careful understanding of the evolving consumer needs, we are sure our non-vegetarian flavours will help savoury food manufacturers serve exciting tastes without compromising on the authenticity.

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